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Guanhong Intelligent provides intelligent production solutions for enterprise factories

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Industrial intelligent professional services provider

Suzhou Guanhong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company to provide factory intelligent production solutions. For domestic and foreign outstanding enterprise customers to provide professional material lifting, material handling, material storage, automated production line, MES, WMS, WCS solutions. We have a high-quality professional team and R&D center, from the design planning, manufacturing, warehousing logistics and intelligent systems and other fields, long-term focus on providing customers with industrial consulting, design, production, installation, maintenance and other full process services.

We already cooperate with many well-known companies, with their brand advantages and our professional services, listen to the customer's production needs, in automated production, material handling, storage, MES, WMS, WCS and other fields, to provide industry 4.0 requirements, intelligent, efficient, safe solutions.

Our advantage

Guanhong Supply Total Intelligent solution

Programme planning and consulting

Actively participate in the customer's pre-project design planning, to provide customers with technical advice, program planning, system design, equipment research and development to the implementation of the overall logistics system solutions.

Transportation lines

loading, chain line, multiple speed line, etc.

Workstation lifting handling equipment

Workstation crane, intelligent lifting device G-force / industrial robot, transfer machine.

automated warehouse

Automated warehouse systems can help you minimize inventory. Maximum inventory turnover, seamless docking with production systems, increase product productivity and reduce manpower cost.

AGV(Automated guided vehicle)

Customized for customers traction, dive, lift, roller, carrier, four-wheel horizontal moving and other different kinds of AGVs. After-sales technical support.

Technical after services

We provide the highest quality technical support services, as well as the best customer service programs.


About us

Guanhong Intelligent