Intelligent manufacturing is the core of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, ...

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China's auto parts company with smart manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing is the core of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and is an important way to transform and upgrade traditional industries and cultivate new momentum. While making China's automobile industry bigger and stronger, the intelligent manufacturing of auto parts companies is extremely important. The intelligentization of equipment, digital design, and production automation ... These are all leading traditional parts manufacturing companies to the development of intelligent manufacturing The road is also pushing China's auto industry from a big manufacturing country to a "smart manufacturing country"! Some typical auto parts companies are also actively moving towards world-class smart manufacturing!

Bohai Piston: From the production field to the processing and delivery links, to a comprehensive intelligent factory

Bohai Piston has always been committed to strengthening the construction of "intelligence" and "informatization", creating smart factories and enhancing global competitiveness. Entering the workshop of Bohai Pistons, you can see that the high-end equipment is highly automated and informatized. In some workshops, the design and production of enterprise products have been fully informatized and automated. Behind the intelligence of these high-end equipment manufacturing is information automation.

Ji Jun, general manager of Bohai Pistons, said: "Our information application is not only limited to the production field, but extends to the processing and delivery of the enterprise and other links to the intelligent factory."

In the workshop of the Bohai Pistons State Six efficient piston intelligent manufacturing project, there are 6 automatic production lines for lightweight aluminum pistons and 5 automatic production lines for forged steel pistons, which have formed an intelligent manufacturing capacity with an annual output of 2.6 million National Six standard low-emission engine pistons. These intelligent manufacturing production lines integrate automatic processing, automatic detection, and AGV intelligent logistics systems to realize electronic process drawings, product data networking, and energy consumption monitoring networking, which saves 90% of labor, increases production efficiency by 50%, and reduces energy consumption by 20% .

Ruili Group: Intelligent manufacturing runs through the entire process of production and management, and realizes digital intelligent management of enterprises

In recent years, the Ruili Group has focused on smart manufacturing. Through the implementation of the digital economy, the entire process of production and operation has been carried out; increased investment in technological transformation and scientific overall planning and layout; gathering internal and external innovation resources and enhancing smart manufacturing capabilities have achieved The transformation of "manufacturing intelligence" is improved. Ruili Group Chairman Zhang Xiaoping said: Thanks to the implementation of intelligent manufacturing, the comprehensive strength of Ruili Group has been further strengthened, and the head effect as a leading enterprise in sub-sectors has been further highlighted.

In 2018, at the Rui'an Group's Haian factory, an annual production of 2 million automatic gap adjustment arms intelligent manufacturing technology transformation project has been completed. The project takes the automatic gap adjustment arm product digital design and intelligent manufacturing process as the leader, through product design equipment, manufacturing production The equipment is networked, and based on the in-depth information perception of the industrial Internet, the ERP, MES, PLM system integration of the product life cycle is realized, and the comprehensive network from product design, process design to manufacturing and production process, workshop management, enterprise department collaboration Integrated digital intelligent management.

It is reported that the project has achieved a product development cycle shortened by more than 30%, a product defect rate reduced by more than 20%, production efficiency increased by more than 20%, and operating costs reduced by more than 20%.


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