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Intelligent application blossoms

With the maturity of the cloud service ecosystem and the government's encouragement policies for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industries gradually implemented, the investment in informationization of domestic manufacturing companies is increasing, and the industrial Internet market has entered a stage of rapid growth. Because the direction of transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry is intelligent production and mass customization, the development of industrial Internet is a necessary way and basic link for industrial intelligence. Experts believe that the Industrial Internet is an important means of making China intelligent and informatized, will accelerate the transformation from "Made in China" to "Made in China", and promote the high-quality development of the real economy.

Under the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, a group of smart factories took the lead in "opening". These factories have some common characteristics, such as automated assembly lines, robots and advanced industrial Internet platforms, which can achieve comprehensive intelligent production, personalized customization, network collaboration, and service. Extension, etc.

The Industrial Internet is an important means of manufacturing intelligence and informatization in China. It will accelerate the transformation from "Made in China" to "Made in China" and promote the high-quality development of the real economy.

Promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing

"In the process of building a strong manufacturing country in China, the Industrial Internet plays the role of the underlying infrastructure. Because the direction of manufacturing transformation and upgrading is intelligent production and mass customization, the development of the Industrial Internet is a necessary way and basic link for industrial intelligence." Sun Huifeng, deputy secretary general of China Computer Industry Association and president of CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. said.

How do manufacturing companies "embrace" the Industrial Internet? Zhang Youming, general manager of UFIDA Industrial Internet Division, believes that there are roughly three paths: the first is the substitution of machines. With the shortage of labor resources and the maturity of smart equipment, many industrial enterprises have built smart factories to improve production efficiency and use machine dividends to replace traditional Demographic dividend; the second is network errands, online business through the Internet and upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, or remote control of equipment to improve collaboration efficiency and optimize resource allocation capabilities; the third is the algorithm for brain replacement, through massive data and machine learning to enhance enterprises Decision efficiency.

In early February, the Shuguang Tianjin plant received an urgent request from the epidemic area. Under the blessing of intelligent production lines such as automated assembly lines, robots, and smart three-dimensional warehouses, in just a few days, hundreds of servers and other IT equipment quickly arrived on the front line of epidemic prevention and control. Zhang Yinghua, vice president of Zhongke Shuguang and chief engineer of intelligent manufacturing, said that the reason why the Shuguang Tianjin factory can resume production quickly is because of the company's long-term research and development and investment in the industrial Internet.

During the epidemic, JD.com used intelligent supply chains to help manufacturing companies purchase online, achieve reverse customization, and improve collaboration efficiency. For example, JD.com has opened an exclusive online procurement platform free of charge to some manufacturing companies. Not only can it be quickly deployed online within 2 hours, but also support procurement sourcing, online agreements, fast audit-free, automatic reconciliation, independent invoicing and other functions. The procurement process and cycle of the company are compressed by 40%, which greatly improves the productivity recovery efficiency.

The Industrial Internet has penetrated into many fields of manufacturing, which has strongly promoted the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and spawned new growth points. Through integration, typical large enterprises improve data utilization rate, form a complete production system and management process application, and the level of intelligence is greatly improved. Small and medium-sized enterprises use the industrial Internet platform to fill the shortcomings of digital capabilities at a lower price and in a more flexible manner. The good situation of large and medium-sized enterprises and the development of the integration of the first, second and third industries is accelerating.

Industrial integration has spawned new formats

Xie Chuanjun, general manager of 360 City Security Group's Solution Department, said that the industrial Internet platform can realize real-time monitoring of the production process and equipment status of different types of enterprises. In the future, whether it is chemical companies or intelligent manufacturing companies, there is a high possibility of affecting city safety. A major hidden danger must rely on the Industrial Internet at this time.

Sun Huifeng emphasized that the Industrial Internet and other new infrastructure areas have relevant integration and development space. Among them, the integration with 5G base station construction is a "5G + industrial Internet" application, the integration with UHV and new energy vehicle charging piles is a smart grid application, the intercity high-speed rail is a smart rail transit system, and the big data center is an industrial cloud Big data applications are integrated with artificial intelligence into industrial intelligence applications.

"Industrial Internet plays an important role as a connector in the 'new infrastructure'." Liu Xu, senior vice president of Zhongcheng Think Tank, believes that Industrial Internet fully uses 5G, big data centers, artificial intelligence and other new-generation information technologies to enhance empowerment capabilities. At the same time, as a new type of infrastructure that integrates new technologies and new models such as big data and artificial intelligence, the Industrial Internet will provide new momentum for economic and social development.

For this reason, Lenovo, which has provided industrial Internet products and solutions for more than 100 companies, proposed a new intelligent infrastructure last year, namely the "end-side-cloud-network-intelligence" model, New technologies such as networked terminals, cloud computing, data centers, and 5G networks are fully integrated. "On top of this infrastructure, all industries are empowered through intelligent applications." Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, said.

In Tencent's industrial Internet application cases, industrial intelligence applications integrated with artificial intelligence are very eye-catching. For example, Tencent Cloud and COMAC have created AlphaGo (artificial intelligence robot) in the field of composite testing. In the past, it took several technicians several hours to test the composite material of an aircraft's tail, and it cost hundreds of thousands of yuan. With Tencent's artificial intelligence-assisted inspection system, only one inspector needed a few minutes, and the cost was greatly reduced. The defect detection rate reached 99%.


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